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Beat the bank at mortgage renewal

There are so many mortgage options these days that it can become overwhelming sifting through all of them. Many Canadian consumers opt to renew their mortgage with their current lender rather than shop around their mortgage to anyone else. This is completely understandable as we are so busy with everything in our lives that it can be easier that way. …

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Misc: A message from Jim Chu – VPD

I was sent this by a close friend.  It’s a letter from Jim Chu, Vancouvers Chief Constable.  I think it’s important to share as there has been some unfair media scrutiny towards the Vancouver Police Department in relation to the Vancouver riots.  Please share this with your friends and family so more truth can be shed on the job the …

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Tech: Instapaper

Anyone who has met me knows I am very interested and on top of the latest in technology  I am always trying to find the latest app, gadget or tool to play with. Today I want to write about an awesome tool called Instapaper.  Reading is a large part of what I do everyday.  It’s important for me to keep …

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What to look for in a mortgage

When you see banks advertising mortgages it’s almost always about the rate.  There are hundreds of different variables when it comes to getting a mortgage yet there are so many people who still get caught up in rate that they forget about everything else. Prepayment allowances? Penalties? How big are the penalties? Fixed rate or variable rate? How many different …

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Who in your life can I help?

A referral is the biggest compliment I could ever receive from someone. I put together mortgage packages considering everyone’s personal situation. There are hundreds of variables that go into getting a mortgage and I am there to look at all of them for you. I spend a large part of my time making sure I am educated on the mortgage …

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BoC Qualifying rate goes down!

The Bank of Canada has dropped their qualifying rate down to 5.49% effective today. This will make things a little easier for people to get into a 1-4 year fixed mortgage or a variable mortgage product. Anyone who is on a 5 year fixed mortgage qualifies on the actual 5 year rate given by their lender but when taking an …

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No change in the prime lending rate

Yesterday the Bank of Canada announced that there will be no change in the prime lending rate. The next meeting scheduled for the Bank of Canada will be July 19th and most predict there will be no change until at least September. This is great news for people on a variable rate mortgage product. If that includes you, this is …

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