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Beat the bank at mortgage renewal

There are so many mortgage options these days that it can become overwhelming sifting through all of them. Many Canadian consumers opt to renew their mortgage with their current lender rather than shop around their mortgage to anyone else. This is completely understandable as we are so busy with everything in our lives that it can be easier that way.

Did you know that by shopping your mortgage you could save a significant amount of money? When you renew with your current lender and don’t shop your mortgage you will be paying a premium to do so. Banks are notorious for sending out inflated rates to current clients in the hope that they will just sign for another 5 years and be done with it.

I shop your mortgage leaving you with more time and more money! My job is to shop your mortgage come renewal time to make sure you aren’t getting taken advantage of by the bank or current lender. I plan your mortgage and negotiate the best terms and rates for you, so your interests are always a priority.

Next time your mortgage comes up for renewal give me a call. Three months gives us lots of time to make sure everything is in order for a mortgage renewal and will give you peace of mind that everything will transition smoothly. If you are a current client I will be calling you a few months before your mortgage is due so we can go over your current mortgage and situation.

Service is my number one priority. A home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. I will work harder than anyone else to make sure you have the best mortgage working for you!

Here are a just few things that I can help you with!

Fixed Term Mortgage — Open and Closed Term Mortgage — Variable Rate Mortgage

First Time Buyers — Refinancing — Home Equity Lines of Credit

Self Employment Programs — Not So Perfect Credit Programs

And much much more…


Get a mortgage that doesnt suck

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