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Tech: Instapaper

Anyone who has met me knows I am very interested and on top of the latest in technology  I am always trying to find the latest app, gadget or tool to play with.

Today I want to write about an awesome tool called Instapaper.  Reading is a large part of what I do everyday.  It’s important for me to keep informed on the mortgage market and products as things move very fast.  Doing this makes sure I have all the information I need to excel at my job and provide the best service to all my clients.  Instapaper lets me bookmark all of the news and articles I encounter throughout my day, no matter what device i’m using be it an iPhone, computer, iPad or Blackberry, and then sit down and read them on my iPad at home.  This has been a huge help for me in making the most efficient use of my time and I would recommend it anyone who gets most of their news or reading material from the internet.

Check it out at

I’ll be writing more posts about other apps or tools I use on a daily basis so stay tuned!

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