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What to look for in a mortgage

When you see banks advertising mortgages it’s almost always about the rate.  There are hundreds of different variables when it comes to getting a mortgage yet there are so many people who still get caught up in rate that they forget about everything else.

  • Prepayment allowances?
  • Penalties?
  • How big are the penalties?
  • Fixed rate or variable rate?
  • How many different mortgage products do you have to choose from?
  • Weekly, biweekly, monthly payments?
  • How long are you going to or are planning to live in that home?
  • Buying a second or vacation home in the future?
  • What about buying a rental home later on?
  • What’s your customer service like if we have a problem or need to change something?

These are just some of things I talk to my clients about when they are looking for a mortgage.  I don’t sell rate, frankly I don’t sell anything, I plan your mortgage.  I take into account all of the variables, plan the best mortgage strategy with the best lender for your unique situation.  I’m constantly learning and following the trends in the market to ensure you are never stuck with a mortgage that doesn’t work for you.  So the next time you see one of those cheesy bank commercials, think of all the different variables there actually are and make sure you don’t get stuck with just a rate!

Below are just a few things that I can plan for you…

Fixed Term Mortgage — Open and Closed Term Mortgage — Variable Rate Mortgage

First Time Buyers — Refinancing — Home Equity Lines of Credit

Self Employment Programs — Not So Perfect Credit Programs

And much much more…


Get a mortgage that doesnt suck

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