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Who in your life can I help?

A referral is the biggest compliment I could ever receive from someone. I put together mortgage packages considering everyone’s personal situation. There are hundreds of variables that go into getting a mortgage and I am there to look at all of them for you. I spend a large part of my time making sure I am educated on the mortgage market so that I am prepared to help you. I don’t work for a bank, I work for you and unlike the banks I have your best interest at heart. There are so many things I can do to help, and in almost all cases my work is free. If you or someone you know could use my help please contact me or forward this email on to them.

Below are just a few things that I can do…

Fixed Term Mortgage — Open and Closed Term Mortgage — Variable Rate Mortgage

First Time Buyers — Refinancing — Home Equity Lines of Credit

Self Employment Programs — Not So Perfect Credit Programs

And much much more…


Get a mortgage that doesnt suck

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I use technology, experience, dedication, continued training, and education to provide you with the best answers and solutions to your mortgage financing needs.

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