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Happy New Year!

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I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!  We were very busy over the holidays seeing lots of family, enjoying the little bit of white stuff we saw and playing with all the new toys we got for Christmas!  We are now back in the swing of things and excited for 2013 and all the great things to come.  I hope you and your families all had a little rest and enjoyment over the holidays as well!

As for the mortgage world – there were some major rule changes made in July.  This has effected those buying and refinancing their homes by tightening qualifying and decreasing access to home equity.  We have seen record low fixed mortgage rates stick around (for now) while the Bank of Canada is still hinting at a future rise in the prime lending rate (no where to go but up).  With the US fiscal cliff deal last week the Canadian bond yield has risen, which means we should expect a jump in fixed rates.  If this spike is here to stay we will soon find out but nevertheless that is where we sit right now.

I’d like share a client testimonial I received last week from a client.

We recently had the opportunity to work with Mark on refinancing our mortgage. Last time we worked directly with one of the big banks. The difference in the two experiences was night and day for us. When working with the bank mortgage rep, we did not think we were really listened to. Some of our requests for how we wanted our mortgage to be set up were not listened to but since it was our first mortgage we thought that was probably because they knew better. This time around, we knew better. We had lots of questions and sent Mark many emails. He quickly and thoroughly answered all of our questions including giving some insight from angles we had not considered. He seriously looked into each scenario we proposed and came back to us with pros and cons for the various options. In the end, we feel 100% comfortable with our mortgage. Thank you Mark for actually taking the time to listen and respond to what we wanted instead of what you thought we needed.

Chris & Sarah Wiens

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