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Wow, it is already November!  Amazing how fast the time has gone this year with Christmas just around the corner.  I hope all of you are doing well.  My family has had a new addition since I last sent out a newsletter.  Lukas Mark was born at the beginning of September and has been keeping my wife and I quite busy along with the older two.  He is healthy and growing FAST!

Mortgage rates have risen a little bit over the last few months from the rock bottom rates we saw earlier in the year.  The Bank of Canada has still not raised the prime lending rate and does not seem likely to do in the immediate future.  The finance minister is still trying to curb residential lending and has talked about tightening the lending rules once again but there is nothing concrete to report as of yet.

I’d like to share an email I received recently from someone i’ve helped a month or so ago.

“Hello Mark,  Everything went well with the lawyer and were very happy how quickly (the lender I arranged for them) contacted us with a welcome package.  It has been stressful over the last few months figuring out how this would work with my husbands career change but thank you for explaining how we could use that to our advantage.  We are now in our new home and our biggest worry is what one of our kids gets what room. Maybe a contest of sorts?  Anyways, thanks again and we will make sure to send anyone we think could use your services your way!”

You can read more client experiences here.

Referral Program

My goal is for referrals to be my main source of my business. That’s why I sincerely appreciate those who place their trust and loyalty in me by referring their friends, family and colleagues. I want to reward your gesture! My Referral Rewards Program has 5 tiers to show you that I appreciate you recommending me to others. Whenever you refer a new client to me which results in a closed mortgage, I would like to offer you a gift.

Here are some more details on the Rewards Program!

If you have any questions on what I do or how I can help, please contact me through phone, emailFacebook or Twitter.

Thank you again for your continued support and referrals!



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