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Spring Update

OK, so I am not exactly just handing out cash here but I certainly have your attention right?  Read on for details on how you can put more money in your pocket but first a few words on what is going on in the mortgage world of late.

The real estate market has been picking up a little as of late it seems (according to all the great realtors I work with) and with mortgage rates still incredibly low this means a good time for buyers!  The Bank of Canada has still not raised the prime interest rate effecting variable rate mortgage holders and have not given any indication this will be happening in the very near future.  Bond yields which have a part to play in fixed mortgage rates have also continued to stay very low.

While we are all aware these are the lowest rates ever seen in history, the trick is choosing the right path for the future to take advantage of them.  You need a mortgage strategy to take the guess work out of these choices…let me help if I haven’t already set a plan in motion for you or those you care about.

I’d like share a recent client experience.  This could be very similar to something I could help you with.

My friends (now clients) were currently in a mortgage with a major credit union/bank.  They signed a 35 year mortgage a few years ago with an interest rate a little below 4%.  We had a chat about what I do and although they were certain nothing could really be done for them I asked if I could take a few details and get back to them with what would be possible.  No harm right?  After a short application and a few questions I had some options for them.

I was able to not only save them money on their monthly payments, I took 2 years off of their mortgage (now starting at 30 years) AND was able to finance a brand new kitchen and other reno’s into the mortgage for them.  Obviously they were completely surprised as they thought they would get a “no, sorry, can’t do anything” like they heard from their bank previously.

If you think this scenario could apply to you let me know and I may be able to surprise you as well!


You can read more client experiences here.

DLC Free Playoff Hockey Pool

My company has set up a free playoff hockey pool for all the NHL fans out there to enter.  The pool is completely free and you can win lots of prizes including a $10,000 grand prize!  This should be a lot of fun so click the picture below to get entered to win!


Referral Program

My goal is to have referrals as the main source of my business. That’s why I sincerely appreciate those who place their trust and loyalty in me by referring their friends, family and colleagues. I want to reward your gesture! My Referral Rewards Program has 5 tiers to show you that I appreciate you recommending me to others. Whenever you refer a new client to me which results in a closed mortgage, I would like to offer you a gift.

Here are some more details on the Rewards Program!

If you have any questions on what I do or how I can help, please contact me through phone, emailFacebook or Twitter.

Thank you again for your continued support and referrals!



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