Broker vs Bank

Why should you use a mortgage broker?

As an independent mortgage broker I get to shop your mortgage to several lenders with only one application. This saves you an incredible amount of confusion, time, and effort. I get the lenders fighting for your business and ensure you always get the best rate and the best mortgage product suited for your needs. I work with a very strong team of mortgage professionals at DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts. We will blow your expectations out of the water and with such a strong team we have access to rates and products that other brokers simply do not have. Even after the dust settles, after you have bought your home, and after we have found you your mortgage I will still be there to educate you and help you find ways to pay that mortgage down sooner.
I went to school to become a mortgage broker because I love staying on the cutting edge of technology and also the financial and real estate markets. However, the day I truly became a mortgage professional was helping a newly wed couple buy their first home and making their dream a reality. Seeing the joy on their faces when they moved in made me realize this career was so much more than numbers, phone calls and computers. It is truly about relationships and helping families accomplish their dreams. I am humbled to be part of that and I take pride to provide the best service possible to everyone I help.
Banker Broker
Hours Banking hours are just that. Not flexible and not available I work around your schedule. I will always find the most convenient time for you that works.
Location A bank branch. I can meet you anywhere. We can also work together over email, phone or fax anytime.
Options Their own line of mortgage products. I have access to 40+ lenders and 100’s of different premium mortgage products. Your options are almost endless.
Value In and out. You are just a number. I not only offer you the best mortgage services but I continue to educate and keep you informed. My job doesn’t stop after I get you your mortgage, it has only begun.
Cost You won’t know until it’s too late. Time is money. My services are free to you. I am paid by the lender.
Planning Financial advisers at the bank will only sell you their own products. They are not in it for the client. As an independent mortgage broker I work for my client and only my client. I will make sure you get suited with the best product period.
Rate Un-transparent and confusing. I will always offer you the BEST RATE. There is no running back and forth to compare and negotiate. I do that for you. Open and honest always.
Fees More confusion and small print. I do everything I can to make sure there are no fees. This includes negotiating for free appraisals or free legal on switches and refinances. Whatever I can do I will always pass on to my clients.

I use technology, experience, dedication, continued training, and education to provide you with the best answers and solutions to your mortgage financing needs.

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