Some of my clients experiences

Chris & Sarah W.

We recently had the opportunity to work with Mark on refinancing our mortgage. Last time we worked directly with one of the big banks. The difference in the two experiences was night and day for us. When working with the bank mortgage rep, we did not think we were really listened to. Some of our requests for how we wanted our mortgage to be set up were not listened to but since it was our first mortgage we thought that was probably because they knew better. This time around, we knew better. We had lots of questions and sent Mark many emails. He quickly and thoroughly answered all of our questions including giving some insight from angles we had not considered. He seriously looked into each scenario we proposed and came back to us with pros and cons for the various options. In the end, we feel 100% comfortable with our mortgage. Thank you Mark for actually taking the time to listen and respond to what we wanted instead of what you thought we needed.

Jennifer & Gerhard P.

We recently decided to take the plunge and go from our comfortable relationship with our bank to going with a mortgage broker… We were very unsure and nervous. Mark instantly put us at ease and made us feel like we were his only clients and his top priority. I have never had such an easy experience. I never had to stress, that was his job. I felt a sense of satisfaction when the bank called to renew my mortgage and found out I had a better rate that they could not match. I will never go back to a bank for my mortgage. I will only ever use Mark. I highly recommend his level of professionalism and confidentiality

Ray & Alyssa B.

We went to Mark for help refinancing our Mortgage in March of 2012. It was by far the most professional, knowledgeable and helpful assistance we could have imagined. He met with us in person, answered numerous emails, and even chatted online when we needed. He fully explained all our options, looking out for our needs and without bias. He made the process simple and enjoyable and in the end managed to drop our interest rate by almost 2% and our mortgage down by $500/month. We HIGHLY recommend Mark for all your mortgage needs!


Fred & Meghan N.

My husband and I previously financed our mortgage at our bank out of convenience not realizing how many other options were available to us. Mark answered a lot of our questions and quickly made us realize how much we could save and be mortgage free sooner. He was incredibly flexible and knowledgeable. We wouldn’t hesitate to have him assist us in re-mortgaging again in the future.

Will C.

Mark is honest, hard working and very resourceful. He has always helped me with sound advice and logic. I have always been impressed with the way Mark goes about his business and how well he handles different obstacles and challenges. I have recommended Mark to many people looking to buy a home and I suggest you all do the same.

Sherri V.

I have done business with Mark in the past and he is nothing short of professional. His work ethic is second to none and does not give up until he accomplishes his goal. He helped my husband and I get exactly what we wanted when it seemed no one else could. I would recommend Mark in a heartbeat as I know you would be taken care of. We will be using him when our mortgage comes up for renewal later this year.

John & Rose B.

We were first introduced to Mark several years ago when he was employed by Rogers as Store manager in their Semiahmoo Mall location in South Surrey. We were looking for a wireless service plan that was priced competitively that met our personal needs. Mark patiently answered our many questions regarding the company’s products and services. He was very diligent in ensuring that the services he recommended would match our specific needs. Subsequent to our initial meeting with Mark we found him to be very service oriented, readily available to address our concerns and update our services when needed. Our family has been part of the South Surrey community for 30 years and we are most pleased to give Mark our heartfelt support and endorsement.

I use technology, experience, dedication, continued training, and education to provide you with the best answers and solutions to your mortgage financing needs.

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